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  • Do you sell human hair?
    Yes, we do also have blended and synthetic.
  • Do you sell human straight hair?
    Yes, we have lengths of straight hair from 8”-26”.
  • Do you sell curly hair?
    Yes, we do carry a wide range of curly hair
  • Do you sell ponytail?
    Yes we do! We have straight, curly, mixed, long and short ponytails.
  • Do you sell hair product for kids?
    Yes we do. Texturizer, detangler, daily moisturizer, leaving conditioner, relaxer, shampoo/condintioner.
  • Do you sell braids?
    Yes we do offer a wide range of braids and crochet braids.
  • Do you sell hair dye?
    Yes we have both semi-permanent and permanent.
  • Do you sell Shea Moisture products?
    Yes we do. We also offer a wide range of other products.
  • Do you sell braid oil?
    Yes we do, we also sell durags, bump stopper, sporting wave, and outliner.
  • Do you sell Shea Butter?
    Yes we do, we also sell Palmers and Red Fox Cocoa Butter.
  • Do you sell Cantu products?
    Yes we do. We also sell a wide range of other products- Crème of Nature, Motions, African Pride, Hawaiian Silky, ORS, Dark and Lovely, Doo Gro etc.
  • What brand edge control do you carry?
    Yes we do. The Mane choice, Got 2b glue, ORS, Crème Of Nature and Cantu.
  • Do You sell Aunt Jackie’s products?
    Yes we do!
  • Do you sell Eco styling gel?
    Yes we do, we also sell Ampro Pro Styl, Lets Jam and Shine and Jam.
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