Frequently asked questions

Do you sell human hair?

Yes, we do also have blended and synthetic.

Do you sell human straight hair?

Yes, we have lengths of straight hair from 8”-26”.

Do you sell curly hair?

Yes, we do carry a wide range of curly hair

Do you sell ponytail?

Yes we do! We have straight, curly, mixed, long and short ponytails.

Do you sell hair product for kids?

Yes we do. Texturizer, detangler, daily moisturizer, leaving conditioner, relaxer, shampoo/condintioner.

Do you sell braids?

Yes we do offer a wide range of braids and crochet braids.

Do you sell hair dye?

Yes we have both semi-permanent and permanent.

Do you sell Shea Moisture products?

Yes we do. We also offer a wide range of other products.

Do you sell braid oil?

Yes we do, we also sell durags, bump stopper, sporting wave, and outliner.

Do you sell Shea Butter?

Yes we do, we also sell Palmers and Red Fox Cocoa Butter.

Do you sell Cantu products?

Yes we do. We also sell a wide range of other products- Crème of Nature, Motions, African Pride, Hawaiian Silky, ORS, Dark and Lovely, Doo Gro etc.

What brand edge control do you carry?

Yes we do. The Mane choice, Got 2b glue, ORS, Crème Of Nature and Cantu.

Do You sell Aunt Jackie’s products?

Yes we do!

Do you sell Eco styling gel?

Yes we do, we also sell Ampro Pro Styl, Lets Jam and Shine and Jam.